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Legal & Privacy

Who are we?

We are researchers, marketeers and product owners from SumUp.


Why this forum?

We are talking to people who are using our SumUp products like the Solo reader, Invoices or Online Store to hear their feedback on the product

Our purpose for running this forum and collecting this information is so we can carry out market research and gain valuable feedback about our products.

We rely on your consent to process your personal data for this purpose. We use this information to facilitate our market research forum. In this forum we collect your feedback and comments about our products and services and this information is used to help us improve SumUp’s products for our customers.


Withdrawing consent?

You can contact us to withdraw your consent at

For further information on how your information is processed, please find our privacy policy here.

SumUp Limited Germany Koppenstrasse 8, 10243 Berlin

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